Folding Bikes

October 30, 2015 Posted by scriptadmin - No Comments

Folding bikes have become extremely popular in busy towns and cities, almost reaching the level of ‘desired form of transport’, due to their unique ability to be easily stored and taken on busy public transport services, they have also continued and spread their appeal within the travel industry.

Folding bikes provide the owner with the flexibility to use both personal and public transport, creating the freedom to either park out of town and ride in, thus avoiding hefty parking charges, congestion and saving fuel, or by riding the last last few miles to their destination when public transport has been used for the bulk of the journey. Folding bikes can be found many places.

Electric folding bikes have expanded the cycling community further, by giving more people the freedom to ride further and faster than they previously could have. Here at ByoCycles we have endeavoured to create a bike that can not only equal, but surpass the challenges it will come across in day to day travelling, further increasing the ‘Ebiker’ community.