Electric Bikes – What They Do

October 30, 2015 Posted by scriptadmin - No Comments

Electric bikes are the gateway to a new and economical method of transport.Yes some harden, all weather cyclists riding to work in replica lycra of their favourite team, will likely tell you that it is cheating… Yes motorist friends won’t understand why don’t you just get a ‘scooter/motorbike’ as they have a motor too…Yes people who choose public transport will argue they arrive to work cleaner and fresher for the day…

…Until they ride an Ebike!!!

All the above people have never swung their leg over and tried an ‘Ebike’! Anybody we come across who has given one a try, can and will tell you that they are great fun, smooth, and easy, whilst enabling the rider to be flexible, reliable and relaxed. Normal bikes, Public transport and cars may be able to claim to some of those descriptions, but none will be able to claim all of them in the way an electric bike does.

The electric bike can be found to have a use for many people, whether you’re the commuter wanting to be free of the never-ending battle for a parking space at work or the uncomfortable moment on the train as you squeeze on board to join the other sardines, hold your breath and pray for your stop to arrive soon. Or if you are the leisure cyclist, looking to leave the car at home when you travel down the beach, to the local park or visit the idyllic pub you keep meaning to stop at for lunch.

Ebikes encourage more people to start going on longer journeys, especially when you reach ‘that hill’, switch the electric assistance up a notch and you will fly up without all the huffing and puffing. Here at ByoCycles we have encountered all walks of life having all fitness levels as well as first time cyclist, using our bikes to get around, giving them the confidence and independence they thought they had lost.

Ebikes are for everybody, everyday.