Battery Care

October 30, 2015 Posted by scriptadmin - No Comments

All Byocycles Electric Bikes have the latest generation of Lithium-Ion batteries with battery management circuitry built into them. This BMS is designed to protect against overcharging and over draining of the battery cells. It also ensures that the battery cells charge and discharge evenly, giving the battery a longer life.

The best way to look after the battery on your electric bike is to use it regularly. Leaving it discharged is likely to shorten its life and reduce performance. Try to ride your bike regularly and recharge the battery on a regular basis.

Never leave your bike battery discharged for long periods of time. If you are not going to use your bike for a while, charge the battery for a minimum of 4 hours every month.

When your bike is new, fully discharge the battery by riding it, and then re-charge it in the normal way. Make sure you do this at least once (preferably twice) when the battery is new. This will condition the battery cells and, after that, because our batteries have no memory effect you can top them up at any time, and we recommend that you do this.

You cannot over charge one of our batteries. The intelligent charger that comes with your bike reads the battery as it charges it and will switch itself off when the battery is full. Simply plug it in and leave it until it is fully charged.

In the winter, or when it is cold, the battery will become less efficient. This is true of all batteries. You will be aware that after a freezing night or on a cold morning, cars can be more difficult to start. It is not quite the same with an electric bicycle however if the battery is allowed to get very cold the battery efficiency will drop to a level less than normal. This will result in a reduction in power output and distance availability.

If you can bring your bike indoors when the weather is cold it will help the battery and the moving parts which will function more effectively. The oils used in the bike will be more efficient, and reduce friction applicable to the moving parts.

Electric bikes do need a bit more attention than ordinary bikes, but these simple precautions will prolong their life, and give you many happy years of electric bike cycling.